Backyard Golf Nets Buying Guide

by Ryder Krueger

For the enthusiastic golfer, the purchase of any backyard golf nets is a good idea. Practice is the door to the improvement of your game. As famous pro golfer, Gary Player said: “The harder you practice, the luckier you get.” Practice with a net provides you with many advantages like the convenience and saving time.

There is a wide variety of backyard golf nets available. Quality and price, are the most vital considerations. Regarding price, you may be looking at spending anything from $30 to $3000 for your equipment.

The convenience of setting up the net is something you should consider. Some of them are effortless to erect. Just a flick of the hand will open the entire net and closing requires only slight pressure. However, I have seen comments on the Internet where people complain about the difficulties of this task. Many of them compare it to putting up a tent on a camping trip.

Backyard Golf Nets Buying Guide

You want your new possession to be durable. It should not get blown away by the first gust of wind that comes along. So, you will be looking for a net made of robust an,d lasting materials. There is even netting that will return the ball to you for re-use. As you will likely put up the net in season and store it away otherwise, the cover of the netting is also a factor to consider. Protection against the rain and UV rays when folded away is proof of a good cover.

You may want to take into account your purpose for getting a net. Do you want to practice driving shots, long shots or just chipping away? Some nets will break when hit repeatedly with a driver shot and others are designed for just chipping shots. The more expensive ones combine the different uses. If you want to move your net around a portable model will fit your purpose better. You can even take it with you when going on holiday.

When you use your golf net, you will be able to observe the direction of your shots. The repetition that the net allows you is probably the greatest benefit for the user. You will feel it when you make those solid shots that turn you into an expert golfer and lower your handicap. When you have a golf net, the extra practice will help you reach those solid shots in quicker time. Expect improved stance, swing, and skill when using a net.

Some nets come with additional items like a mat to place the ball and a target on the net to aim at.  A ball dispenser may be a handy item to make life easier. Some dispensers even place the ball in the right spot on a rubber Tee for you. Another aid is a shag tube to dispense balls and pick them up at your convenience.

There are various types of backyard golf nets available on the market today. Check out our reviews to learn about them and choose the one that suits your needs.

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