How to Use Golf Nets for Beginners

How to Use Golf Nets for Beginners

Golf doesn’t have to be something that is played on the course at the local club, many people set up practice ranges such as golf nets in their own backyards to take maximum advantage of the game they love playing. This avoids a possible lengthy travel to the club and allows a player to swing at a ball whenever they like. Below are some of the tips to use golf nets for beginners !

A backyard space of seven meters by seven meters is a good starting range. A golf net of about one square meter should be placed on the ground. This is best placed on a firm surface, such as concrete.

Like all purchases, quality is a big factor that should be considered. A golf net should be able to withstand the relentless pounding of golf balls into it. A net that has a separate and replaceable piece of net in its middle where most of the balls are struck should last longer than an unreinforced net. Quality golf nets should not allow the golf balls to punch their way through it and nor should it disintegrate in sustained exposure to sunlight.


Some nets are even shaped in such a way that the ball will roll back to the golfer after it has been driven into the net. This is a useful feature for people who don’t want to use several balls in their practice session and who don’t want to walk a whole two meters to retrieve their balls. Some nets are designed to do the opposite. They will catch and hold dozens of balls until the golfer is ready to collect them. The option you choose is a matter of personal preference.

For your backyard, you might like a net that is sturdy and designed not to be removed. It can be used as a ready escape whenever one needs to seek respite outside the house. An alternative to this is a foldable net. These nets can be easily packed away and transported to another venue for regular practice. They can be good to use indoors too when the weather is not very favorable for golf.

A net with a target and bull’s eye in the middle of it can help a golfer who is prone to slicing or hooking. If drives and chip shots are aimed at it, a player can study how their swing needs to improve if shots are hitting the net nowhere near the target, especially if they are going to one particular point. A net with four smaller targets located at different points on it would challenge even the most experienced golfer but it does make a good option for practicing chip shots.

Some people claim that using golf nets is a waste of time because the full flight of the ball can not be observed.  However, they appear to be in the minority. A golf net gives a golfer a good opportunity to practice new ideas without having to fetch the ball each time while doing it in the convenience of their own backyard.


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