Improve Your Game With These Top Rated Golf GPS Devices

by Ryder Krueger

When you’re looking for the top rated golf GPS, you’re obviously an avid golfer. Technology has come a long way and golf enthusiasts world wide are rejoicing. Today’s top selling golf GPS units give you an incredible amount of information and the prices have been greatly reduced since the units first came onto the market.

For under $500, you can get a rugged, waterproof GPS unit that tells you everything from the distance of your last shot to the distance to a specific hazard. Today’s top rated GPS units have come quite a way from their early beginnings. Many of these devices offer you information based on satellite images while others actually calculate data from the ground.

Using your golf GPS, you can send and receive data regarding the course you’re currently playing as well as the course you and your friends will visit next week. Make well informed decisions about your game with these easy to use gadgets.

Large screened, hand held GPS devices have either crystal clear black and white displays or more often, full color screens. Brilliant colors depict accurately each hole and the distance from front of course to back of course. Depending on what make and model you opt for, you can even get unique, fly over video of your current location.

There’s no end to the choices you have in golf GPS systems, these days. Garmin, Skycaddie and Callaway all make devices in several different price and option categories. Some units require a monthly subscription while others let you pay per course. Many golf associations offer special discounted packages when you order information on 5, 10 or more courses.

The Sonicaddie V300 model is one of the best selling models on the market right now. With this model, you’ll pay a one time membership fee and you’ll have instant access to full, rich, 3D color course details on over 20, 000 nationwide. The Callaway uPro offers a 2. 2 inch display that is easily readable even in the highest point of the afternoon sun. The OnPar Touchscreen GPS unit looks like an iPhone and has the full functionality of all of today’s greatest gadgets.

Check out these and other top golf GPS devices at your favorite electronics superstore or website. You can get information on your favorite courses and courses you’re considering visiting. Know what’s in store for you around the next bend and improve your game greatly with these portable, pocket devices.

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