Indoor Golf Nets Buying Guide

Indoor Golf Nets Buying Guide

If you are among the majority that doesn’t live next to or own a course, then indoor golf nets should be your next purchase to step up the score. An indoor golf net is a handy setup that basically catches the ball, thus making it perfect for those who want to practice their game at the comfort of their apartments.
Brand competition has helped to improve the portability and user-friendliness of practice nets so that it can be installed, used, and put away easily with maximizing capability to catch all types of shots and minimal risks of poking windows or knocking down vases.
Moreover, the options are plenty. They range from a simple set of golf net and a golf mat to a game-play simulator studio with a digital screen and AI software that gives a full analysis of your performance and speed.
A golf practice net is convenient, useful, and fun. Rumor has it that some golfers (and their partners) might grow to enjoy their studio more than the actual courses and succeed in preaching golf to beginners by inviting the preys to do a few swings indoor.
Tempting though it might be to go straight to the store and bring one back home, there are essential elements one should consider before buying one. Here goes the list of factors you should be looking out for to buy the best and most fit indoor golf nets.

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Type of Golf Nets

Basically, there are three types of nets: chipping nets, driving nets and golf cages. In the respective order, the price would be more expensive, the durability tends to increase, the size might get bulkier, and the portability might decrease. The golf cages are particular, as they would have three sides to cover up any high-impact shots or mishit. They are also the fittest for real golf balls or any types of ball sports.
Each type and brand of the net has a different way to assemble as well. Some might spring up in an instant, while others take more time to set-up the frame. Invest accordingly to your needs and levels.


The first thing you should consider before investing in a golf net is where do you want to put it and how much space do you have and need. If you have spacious room and want to practice with different types of clubs, then you should aim for the bigger size nets. Before dropping by the store, you should measure the dimensions of the intended space, be it your living room, backyard or basement. Also, put the question of portability in the back of your mind, and think about whether or not you would prefer a sturdy net for forceful swings or a portable one to carry around, for this is directly related to the size factor.
The net strength will determine its durability, and also the types of swings it can take. If you want to practice driving swing using real golf balls, then definitely you would be looking for high-quality netting of density and resistance. Also look out for those with double layers that can bear impactful shots and absorb the noise.

Net and Frame Materials

The price usually speaks for the material. Although makers of all price range would boast of their high-density plastic poles or lightweight aluminum material, the only way to find out is to either try them yourself or learn from previous users. However, one of the things you could figure by yourself according to your own needs is the types of golf nets.

Special Features

The above are the basic elements. But considering how consumeristic and picky golfers can be, makers offer competitive special features. Some would have the return system, which assists hassle-free quick-repetition practice whereby the ball would just softly roll back to the original place. Others would be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with water-resistant and weatherproof fabric. Some include a target sheet or guiding lines. Some come as a set with driving mat, golf ball feeder, training mirror, etc. Some would even have a digital screen to simulate as close to the course range experience as possible. Of course, features are included in the price tag, so make decisions based on your wallet situation and minimal requirements.

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