Is using this golf club cheating?

Is using this golf club cheating?

Should this golf club be BANNED!? Is it CHEATING??

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This YouTube channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

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  1. The stroke with the armlock looks much smoother. No wonder you made a significant number of puts.

  2. The 9 hole results were different because in your 8 ft challenge you effectively hit 20 putts from the same location. With each putt your brain gets better at it. The 1st 10 should of underperformed the last 10 on the same hole location.

    The 8 ft challenge should have each club with their own hole location. Thus forcing the brain to relearn with each club and hole location.

  3. Unrelated question: What shirt are you wearing?

  4. Rick – Thank you. Can I use this club with a two-finger claw grip?

  5. So it's not necessarily the putter itself but more the grip?

  6. Rick, can you review, talk about long putters? Broomstick putters?

  7. Amateurs can’t cheat with putting the not good enough to read what’s going on ???

  8. I think golf is a simple sport have a club and hit a ball in a hole..if you do that how is your club cheating? Unless it has laser guides lol..

  9. Game changer shaved off 7 strokes off my handi after swiching up to this so much less three putts

  10. Bought this in the start of 2022. If you have doubts, buy it. If you want it, BUY IT!

  11. It’s perfect and won’t be banned

  12. I believe it is a matter of time before anchoring against your arm will be banned. It has certainly been discussed by the USGA.

  13. This should be banned. This is a anchored club. It does not be pivot around a manufactured point, it artificially removes one. It is an advantage which is why some as bad at putting as Bryson uses it.

  14. I was watching your stroke in the 8 out of 10.
    It looks like you pull it inside slightly. I was watching the ball waiting for it to go left but the slope brought it right back

  15. What Up Rick?? I added a couple more Putters to the collection this weekend! Got a new Bettinardi, and a beautiful new putter from some company called HIPPO. Club is as nice as any Scotty Cameron Putter

  16. In answer to the question posed in the title – yes, this is cheating to my mind.
    The laws need to be changed, as when they were originally written there was not the same level of rule bending going on there is in these days, and I firmly believe the original laws were written in the assumption that only the players hands would ever be touching the club – this was pretty much a given back then, and if the laws were altered to clearly state 'only the HANDS may touch the club' the problem would go away.
    To answer those who talk about 'the yips' then I have 2 suggestions:
    1 – Practise harder, and
    2 – Try using a grip where your leading hand is lower on the club, so for a right-handed golfer you would use a 'left hand low' grip and vice-versa for left handers. This needs practise as well, as you need to get used to it but from personal experience I can assure you it works.
    These long handled putters are cheating.

  17. You were 6 over in the first 3 holes at the up good good open. Done listening to you. Bye.

  18. Interesting 🤔

  19. Why ban anything it's not like everyone on the tour can't go out and just get what the other guys using, I don't see how it's an advantage if there's nothing stopping everyone else from using it 😂😂😂😂

  20. No lefty versions… eh we get shafted once again.

  21. I don't understand how it's cheating if everyone is allowed to use the same type of putter

  22. I don’t feel there should be a ban on any kind of putter as long as you have to still make the stroke.

  23. At nearly $500 for a single club it's not exactly a cheap gamble to try out!

  24. It’s a different style of putter, it shouldn’t be banned…

  25. I've got the same putter and it's brilliant! I consider myself a good putter but do get nervy on short puts sometimes..not with this putter

  26. That comb over aint foolin' anyone Rick!

  27. Rick
    Instead of purchasing a new Arm Lock putter, is the grip available by itself so it can replace the grip on a …normal" putter?

  28. Not sure if it’s the putter or the puttee at fault

  29. So without buying a brand new expensive putter, I can add an extend shaft and put on an armlock grip, adjust swingweight to match the existing putter to experiment, will that work!?

  30. To me, this putter seems effective for similar reasons to the belly putters in the fact that it aids in anchoring to a body part.

  31. I glad they outlawed belly putters and broom putters. They look stupid and shouldn't be able to brace the putter to your body

  32. Would it be legal to place your rear hand around the grip and your forearm?

  33. Is it legal? Or will it be illegal soon?

  34. Oh the things people that can't putt do to try and un screw themselves up. lol

  35. Bro didn't drain 8 of 10 my guy

  36. Never liked the term "borderline cheating", you're either within the rules or you're cheating. Is someone who plays with a 1.68 inch diameter ball and a 48 inch driver a borderline cheat?

  37. Not very many on tour using these kind of putters. If the technique was superior, arm-lock would dominate the tour in a sec. However, for me this is a logical way to overcome the problem and inconsistencies in putting caused by soft wrists (that almost everyone I play with have. Incl myself.) Must find a golf shop where I can test this one.

  38. You should use this on your Under 75 tour. Lol

  39. I’m sure your “normal putter” missed its 18th shot on the 9 hole tournament

  40. You should stick to this putter. The roll looked much better

  41. Ive always thought that arm lock putters and two grip long putters should be banned. Just an unfair advantage all round, especially on clutch putts against a player with a standard putter. Bryson would be rubbish with a normal putter!

  42. Your short game wedge and putting has always been your weakness.. you did well with this arm lock putter; keep it in your bag for a few weeks then give us a report.

  43. Watch that flying right shoulder Rick

  44. Watch that flying right shoulder Rick

  45. I've been using the ER11v Evnroll putter for 3-4 months and its a game changer. Never holed so many 20ft+ putts. I now enjoy my golf again

  46. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's not cheating.

  47. The sun is actually shining in this video. Never thought i’d see it

  48. Stroke looked better with the armlock on the 8-footers. 10 ft and under – the money and feel good / confidence building putts.

  49. Every you tube video where armlock was tried, the putting improved significantly. I will be trying it for sure.

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