Stack Golf Swing – What Are the Advantage and Disadvantages of the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing?

by Ryder Krueger

What is the Stack Golf Swing? The Stack and Tilt Swing is the latest and hottest thing on the PGA Tour. Endorsed by golfers like Andy Plummer and Mike Bennet who are now being hailed as the newest golf gurus of our time.

The major difference in the Stack Golf Swing System is that it teaches golfers to keep their weight on their front foot during the entire swing. This completely eliminates the idea of a weight shift during the backswing. With this revolutionary golfing system the golfer starts with almost 60% of the weight on her front foot, and actually proceeds to shift more weight to the front foot during the backswing.

There are also some more subtle differences that might be hard for golfers to see at first, but some of these differences are very important. The first difference you might notice has to do with the back leg. In the typical backswing the golfer keeps his or her leg slightly flexed. On the other hand in the new Stack and Tilt Golf Swing, the back leg actually straightens out and pushes toward the designated target.

The first advantage you might notice of the Stack Golf Swing is an increased amount of power and distance in your golf swing. This point has been constantly argued by the Stack and Tilt Swing critics and advocates. They also argue that you will find it easier to make square contact with the ball. Most advocates of this golf swing agree that the swing is not for everyone and with out proper instruction can cause the everyday golfer to develop some bad habits which can be hard to eliminate later on in the future. So, remember proper instruction is key and remember to consult a certified golf coach before making any major changes to your swing.

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