The Differences Between Refiner Golf Trainer and Medicus Golf Trainer

by Ryder Krueger

Many folks will compare between Refiner Golf Trainer and Medicus Golf Trainer since both of them are using hinge technology. In both of the golf training aids, you’ll find many important features needed to develop an outstanding golf swing.

However, there are some areas which are crucial as well in getting your golf swing right that is only obtainable in the Refiner training aid.

Let’s take a closer look at these.

Custom lengths available

You can order the Refiner Driver and Refiner Iron in numerous lengths with half inch increments. The Refiner Driver standard length is 44″. For the Refiner Iron which is available in 6 and 5 iron, the standard length is 37.25″ and 38″ respectively.

How do you know if the standard length is best for you? Use your existing golf set as the benchmark and measure against it. The club length of the Refiner Golf Trainer ought to be almost the same as your existing golf set. Once you have got your golf swing corrected with the Refiner Golf Trainer, you will be able to use you actual golf set without any difficulties since they roughly have identical length.

Optional molded training grip feature

The Refiner Golf Trainer has the choice to be fitted with the molded training grip. For folks that have issues to find the correct grip, you’ll find such an option exceptionally valuable because the training grip allows your fingers to fit in nicely. With your grip in a correct position, the probabilities of squaring the club face at impact is way higher, giving you straighter ball flight.

The weight is nearly of a standard club

As you pick up the Refiner Golf Trainer, you will notice that the weight resembles a normal golf club. Try it and you’ll find the feeling is almost similar to swinging with an actual club. This feel is required to help you develop a good golf swing and you’ll want this feel to be pass on when you’re using a standard golf club.

Many of you’ll want to know why I failed to include the cost factor when comparing between the 2 of them. If you are unaware, the price for the Refiner Golf Trainer is actually much lower than the Medicus Golf Trainer. Although the cost is far lower, I’d rather highlight what are the differences instead, as I felt that these are the added features needed to enhance your golf game, which can only be found inside the Refiner Golf Trainer. You would want to know if it can help develop your game and thus will most likely not think about the price factor. If it could possibly do that, then the lower cost is a reward.

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