The Proper Golf Grip Starts With One Simple Change

The Proper Golf Grip Starts With One Simple Change

The proper golf grip begins by knowing how to hold the golf club in the right part of the hands. Learn how to grip a golf club with this simple golf grip lesson from Todd Kolb!

Learn more about the Vertical Line Swing here:

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  1. I use an interlock grip. Tried the overlap, but it felt odd and a little less secure. I've found upping the grip size on my clubs very helpful. Jumbo grips were too much, but midsize work for me. I have reasonably large hands and long fingers and had to hold the club too firmly with thin grips. Now I find I can keep the hands relaxed.

  2. I use tenfinger

  3. Just read "Bad Lie", do you use the same grip for short game + bunkers?

  4. I forgot one thing. I never wore a golf glove ever and my hands don't get sore. When I went home I hit hundreds of balls each day on the driving range for 4 days. Then 2 more days of 18 holes each day and never wore a glove. What's the percentage of golfers who don't wear a glove?

  5. Hey Todd, I'm Bill and I just started golf at 48 years old. I drive a truck over the road for Stans out of South Dakota. I live by Chattanooga, TN. I got interested in golf because my company has a charity golf scramble each year and the guys have a lot of fun. Then sometimes I get to play in Huron, SD and I play at home in Chattanooga, TN. I also have a hitting net I carry in the truck which I can practice in the parking lot. I just got your book on Kindle and I watch you on you tube. Also I listened to you on Golf Smarter Podcast. It's a lot of fun and good exercise.

  6. Why don’t you teach to put golf club a little left

  7. interlock


  9. Due to disabled left shoulder, numbness in few fingers plus wearing a sling so that arm doesn't move too much I wear 2 thick gloves and use 10 finger grip so I can hold on

  10. I use overlap grip🇩🇰 and The 45 degree 👏🏻👏🏻

  11. I have been working with a coach this summer. I've been playing about 2.5 years.
    My coach has me using the Vardon grip – or overlap grip. I didn't like it at first. I like it now though!
    I did use the 10 finger grip.

  12. Todd says “is is” in every video.

  13. Todd, Hello from Tulalip, WA. I love your approach and your videos. In fact I just bought your book. I started playing last summer at 56 years of age. I initially tried the Varden overlap grip. After playing with that grip for a bit I tried the interlock grip and felt much better. I now use that grip as it gives me the most secure feeling of connection to the club.

  14. Glen from Kennebunkport, Maine. Todd, I am having consistency difficulties from 5 to 10 yards off the green. What is the brand of chipper that you have endorsed in the past? Thanks for your help. glen

  15. 72 year old from the Seattle area. Ever since I started playing golf over 50 years ago I used the interlock grip, until the last 6 months. I was not getting enough wrist cock at the top and I found by switching to the overlap grip, I could get an additional 20 degrees more wrist angle. Therefore, more speed – which I need at 72. Thanks for helping us "experienced" golfers.

  16. For the last 2 rounds as a lefty I was fade slicing my drives to the left. Couldn't figure it out until the last 2 holes and realised I was holding the club in the palm of my right hand. That haha moment clicked in. It's always one thing that messes me up.

  17. Great tip!

  18. which grip is best to "weaken" the hold of the club by the trail arm? interlock, 10 finger or overlap? right handed golfer here, my right arm is still taking over on the swing causing all sorts of problems!

  19. I use an interlocking grip, and the wear spot I get is on the heel of my left (lead) hand. I've been told that has to do with shafts length. Is that possible?

  20. Great tip! I use interlock grip. I have had that problem in the past noted by the wear on my glove. I think my problem now is a grip correctly but in the process of my swing I tighten my grip and the club moves causing issues. Thanks … Jeff

  21. I use the interlocking grip because it's the most comfortable grip to me. P.S. I'm from Fremont, NE.

  22. I wear through my heel on my glove in 10 rounds, tried putting it in my fingers but it still happens

  23. Bill from St. Augustine. I have been using the interlocking grip for more than 30 years. It feels comfortable. I have tried the overlapping Vardon grip, but it does not seem as solid for me. I have never tried the 10-finger grip. I have problems coming over the top and pulling the ball. A friend suggested changing to the Vardon grip. Do you agree with that change?

  24. Why don’t you tell people to keep club in a straight line

  25. Mick, Melbourne Australia. Overlap. Thanks Todd.

  26. Dave, Houston, TX. Todd I’ve been using an overlapping grip for some time. I've tried the interlocking grip but find it uncomfortable. Even though I'm 6', I don't have big hands and sometimes it feels like I'm not covering correctly.

  27. Very interesting

  28. I use the interlock only because that is what I've done since I started golfing as a kid.

  29. I now use a 10 finger grip. I can no longer use an overlapping or interlocking grip due to arthritis in my trailing hand wrist and thumb joint.

  30. Enjoyed this…and just ordered your book through Amazon.

  31. I use ten finger grip because I’m over 70 and it’s easier to hold club

  32. All this time thought they just made cheep gloves my left hand pad has a hole in it ever 3 rounds maybe less.
    I mean a hole in a new glove did not know this whole time I was holding the club wrong thanks for this tip Live in north east Texas lot of heat & sweat.

  33. Great stuff Todd

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